The world of China 12

January 10, 2017

The following are a series of posts describing the world, (about 40 years from now), of China 12 and how it got that way.


No 1

The war had begun earlier than most people realised. The instability of the 2010 and 2020s had brought Russia to the belief that she didn’t need to fight a great war at all. Western economic weakness and liberal hand-wringing was all that was needed as a prerequisite. The desperation of the peoples flowing from Asia and central and northern Africa required only the sprinkling of organisation and direction to turn themselves from a flight from fear to an army of invasion.

And they came. Across the narrow sea from the middle-east to the Greek islands, driving out the vestiges of authority left there. But, in even greater numbers, they came from north Africa to Sicily where the local criminal organisations had been primed and paid. From there onto the Italian peninsula itself and driving north before being stopped just south of Naples by a combined Franco-Italian force and then there was stalemate.

In the north of Europe Russia had made her move, taking eastern Ukraine and then invading Latvia. Surprisingly NATO had mustered enough unity and will to halt any further progress stopping the invasion 80Kms short of Riga. Troops in Estonia prepared to cut off the Russian forces as Russia prepared a second blow. But developments elsewhere changed the situation again.


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