The China 12

January 9, 2017

China 12


Unsurprisingly the China 12 has 12 members, or it usually has. The breakdown is three operatives to nine experts. The experts are balanced to the mathematical end of the sciences but most of them have a qualification in more than one field. For ever piece of evidence that comes in there is someone who can evaluate and place it within the map, (Milo likes to think of it as a tapestry), of the problem.

The three operatives are in the field, finding, hunting and making evaluations of their own. Their work is dangerous. By the time Milo fell into and became entangled in the the case of the Brancusi head, he was a the agency’s sole operative. Both of his field colleagues had been murdered in Brazil.
Brazil represented the group’s first failure, though no subsequent crime group has solved the case either and it remains ‘technically’ open (China 12 do now actually know what happened, as detailed in the “Brancusi’s Head …”, but as they cannot point the authorities to anyone they might arrest it remains “unsolved”). The sad loss of two operatives was a huge blow, from which they struggled to recover. The case which followed the Brancusi entrapment was equally complex and disturbing.

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