Who are the China 12?

November 3, 2016

The China 12, or China 12, are a ‘Mastermind Group’. The sort of group first described by Napoleon Hill in the 1930s. Since thinking was outsourced in the late 2020s, groups such as this one sprang up to attack various governmental problems. This one solves crime.

Crimes are posted on internet notice boards and groups bid to solve them. An algorithm balancing cost, the seriousness of the crime, the reputation and clean-up rate of the group, works out the most cost effective bid and they win the right to atempt to solve the crime. China 12 is one of the top groups, specialising in complex, international crimes.

Their biggest success came when they broke up a pirate group in the eastern med region, operating out of the islands off Greece and Lebanon.

China 12 try to balance their members between the sciences and the social sciences, they also try to have an Historian on board. The core of their system relies on Mathematics and probability.

The operatives come from a variety of backgrounds but they tend to favour people with a ‘special forces’ history. This experience allows them to be independent when the circumstances demand but retain a ‘chain of command’ ethos as well. Milo Talbot is the anomaly have a background in espionage.

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